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Colchester (New London County)
George Sterry, 27, Fac Laborer, born Connecticut
Elizabeth Sterry, 21, born Connecticut
George Sterry, 2, born Connecticut
Isabell Sterry, 9 mths, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Groton (New London County)
William R Sterry, 37, Carpenter, born Connecticut
Eliza Sterry, 47, born Connecticut
Hannah Sterry, 10, born Connecticut
Frank Sterry, 8, born Connecticut
Celia Sterry, 3, born Connecticut
James H Lamb, 22, sailor, born Connecticut
Eliza Lamb, 24, born Connecticut

Kent (Litchfield County)
Elisha Sterry, 50, Farmer, born Connecticut
Adaline Sterry, 47, born Connecticut
Malvina Sterry, 16, born Connecticut
Harry Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
George Sterry, 10, born Connecticut
Myron Sterry, 8, born Connecticut
Ferdinand Sterry, 5, born Connecticut
Issabell Sterry, 5, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Montville (New London County)
De Witt C Sterry, 35, C. Clergyman, born Connecticut
Elvina Sterry, 30, born Connecticut
Norris Sterry, 14, born Vermont
Clinton Sterry, 7, born Ohio
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Montville (New London County)
%%Joseph Bolles, 51, Laborer, born Connecticut
Sally Bolles, 49, born Connecticut
Jane E Bolles, 19, born Connecticut
Francis L Bolles, 17, born Connecticut
Jerard Bolles, 16, Fac Labourer, born Connecticut
Reuben C Bolles, 12, born Connecticut
Almira A Bolles, 10, born Connecticut
Nancy M Sterry, 26, born Connecticut
Elijah P Gray, 79, No occupation, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

New London (New London County)
Paoli Sterry Sterry, 52, Mariner, born Rhode Island
Hannah Sterry, 46, born Connecticut
Henry W Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
Abner M Sterry, 10, born Connecticut
Phinehas Sterry, 6, born Connecticut
Emeline H. Smith, 19, born Connecticut

New London (New London County)
%%Jas N Sterry, 11, born Connecticut (with Jacob Gardner, his wife Augusta M & family)

New London (New London County)
Thos Sterry, 23, Mariner, born Connecticut
Leora Sterry, 20, born Connecticut

New Milford (Litchfield County)
%%John Sterry, 21, Stone Mason, born Connecticut
(with Setti(?) L Lyon, Stone Mason, his wife Rosalie & family)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Norwich (New London County)
Value of real estate $2000
Robert Sterry, 47, Stone Cutter, born Connecticut, insane(?)
Sarah M Sterry, 43, born Connecticut
Charles Sterry, 19, Laborer, born Connecticut
Rebecca Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
Elizabeth Sterry, 11, born Connecticut
Maria Sterry, 8, born Connecticut
Albert Sterry, 4, born Connecticut
Robert Sterry, 1, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Norwich (New London County)
Value of real estate $2500
Edward A Sterry, 39, Blacksmith, born Connecticut
Catherine A Sterry, 40, born Connecticut
John A Sterry, 16, Clerk, born Connecticut
Anette A Sterry, 15, born Connecticut
George E Sterry, 12, born Connecticut
Frank W Sterry, 10, born Connecticut
Tulley W Sterry, 8, born Connecticut
Catherine A Sterry, 3, born Connecticut
Caroline A Sterry, 3, born Connecticut
Emily Johnson, 12, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Norwich (New London County)
Value of real estate: $50
George C Sterry, 38, Machinest (sic), born Connecticut
Mary Sterry, 40, born Connecticut
Eliza Sterry, 16, born Connecticut
Martha Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
George Sterry, 11, born Connecticut
Mary Sterry, 9, born Connecticut
Clinton Sterry, 5, born Connecticut
Frances Sterry, 3, born Connecticut

Tolland (Tolland County)
Value of real estate $400
Samuel G Sterry, 23, Labourer, born Connecticut
Harriett Sterry, 23, born Connecticut
Joseph Clark, 20, Machinist, born Connecticut
Hannah Clark, 20, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

(Fulton County)
Edmund P Sterry, age 3, Birth State: New York, Cause of Death: Croup Month of death: Aug
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Hickory (Fulton County)
Edmon Sterry, 45, Blacksmith, born Connecticut
Catharin Sterry, 43, born Massachusetts
Harriet Sterry, 14, born Massachusetts
Mary Jane Sterry, 11, born Ohio
Marilla Lovland, 18, born Pennsylvania
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Lake (Cook County)
William Sterry, 57, born Ireland, Pauper (In a Poor House with many other inmates)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Quincy (Adams County)
South Ward
Caleb Sterry, 44, Carpenter & Joiner, born New Hampshire
Margaret Sterry, 36, born Connecicut
Clampa(?) Sterry, 15, born New York
Josephine Sterry, 8, born Illinois

Representative (Orleans County)
Distict 3 (M432_234/149)
S Hopkins Er, 31, Account, born Massachusetts
+++N B Sterrey, 30, Clerk, born Maine
Jas B Townsend, 21, Clerk, born Kentucky(?)

New Sharon (Franklin County)
Ephraim Sterry, 35, born Maine
Hannah Williamson, 62, born Massachusetts
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Starks (Somerset)
Value $400
David Starrey, 35, Farmer, born Maine
Hannah Starrey, 30, born Maine
Albert Starrey, 12, born Maine
Mirriam Starrey, 10, born Maine
Elisa Sterry, 8, born Maine
Casandra Stery, 6,born Maine
Rosanna Sterry, 8, born Maine
Hannah Sterry, 2, born Maine

Starks (Somerset County)
Value $1200
Edward L Starry, 64, Farmer, born Massachusetts
Phebe Starry, 62, born Massachusetts
Catharine Starry, 22, born Massachusetts
Emily McGrath, 11, born Maine

Starks (Somerset County)
Edward L Starry, 31, Farm, born Maine
Hannah Starry, 28, born Maine
Sarah A Starry, 9, born Maine
Hannah Starry, 6, born Maine
Charles Starry, 4, born Maine
Llewellyn Starry, 2, born Maine
(following entry above on same page of book)

Lowell (Middlesex County)
Christopher Sterry, 24, Manufacturer, born Maine
Elizabeth Sterry, 23, born Maine
Chas L Sterry, 2 mths, born Massachusetts
(Source: Ancestry.com)

New York
Berlin (Rensselaer County)
George Starrey, 21, Farmer, born Germany (With Henry Holenbeck, Farmer and family)

Harpersfield (Delaware County)
%%Chauncey N Simons, 32, Tailor, born NY [Value of Real Estate] $400
Delia Simons, 24, born NY
Ellen F Simons, 3, born NY
Eleanor Sterry, 54, born NY
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Lansingburgh (Rensselaer County)
Real estate value $2000
Seneca Sterry, 47, Manufacturer, born Connecticut
Louisa Sterry, 40, born New York
Emely Sterry, 17, born New York
Chauncey Sterry, 12, born New York
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Lansingburgh (Rensselaer County)
%%Mariette Sterry, 17, born New York (with William Bradshaw, Brushmaker & family)

Minden (Montgomery County)
William D Sterry, 21, Painter, born New York
Sarah Sterry, 21, born New York
William R Sterry, 1, born New York

Oswegatchie (St. Lawrence County)
%%Albert Sterry, 8, born New York (with Curtiss Bliss, Merchant, wife Anna & son)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Seneca (Ontario County)
Value of real estate $400
William Sterry, 36, Engineer, born England
Aline Sterry, 32, born England
John Sterry, 14, born New York
Mary Sterry, 12, born New York
Thomas Sterry, 10, born New York
Catharine Sterry, 8, born New York
Aline Sterry, 5, born New York
William Sterry, 3, born New York
Mary Sterry, 60, born Ireland

Seneca (Ontario County)
Cyrus Sterry, 58, Miller, born Connecticut
Mary Sterry, 52, born England (with James Smith & family)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Stamford (Delaware County)
Real estate value $1200
%%Silas Sterry, 29, Waggon Maker, born Connecticut
Marion Sterry, 20, born Connecticut
Louisa Baldwin, 25, born Connecticut
Emily Underwood, 48, born Connecticut
Edward Sterry, 1 mth, born New York
John J Baldwin, 1, born New York
James Ballard(?), 25, Waggon Maker, born New York

Utica (Oneida County)
Ward 3, Real estate value $3000
John H Sterry, 57, born Connecticut
Eliza Sterry, 52, born Connecticut
Ann Sterry, 28, born Connecticut
Francis P Sterry, 28, born Connecticut
Anthon? (male) Sterry, 6, born Connecticut
Rev Edward Mathews, 33, Baptist Minister, born England
Note: Anthon may be Arthur

Whitestown (Oneida County)
J F P Sterry, 32, Machinist, born Connecticut (with Noyes P Chesebis(?), Blacksmith)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Elizabeth (Miami County )
District 104
John Starry, 35, Cooper, born Pennsylvania
Rebecca Starry, 34, born Pennsylvania
Levi Starry, 10, born Ohio
Michael Starry, 10, born Ohio
William E Starry, 8, born Ohio
Mary E Starry, 5, born Ohio
Sarah A Starry, 3, born Ohio
Maria M Starry, 2, born Ohio

West Buffalo (Union County)
William Sterry, 30, Labourer, born Pennsylvania
Maryan(?) Sterry, 24, born Pennsylvania?
George Sterry, 4, born Pennsylvania?
John H Sterry, 5? mths, born Pennsylvania?

Washington (York County)
John P Starrey, 43, Shoe Maker, born Pennsylvania(?)
Sarah Starrey, 41, born Pennsylvania(?)
Margaret Starrey, 15, born Pennsylvania(?)
Howard Starrey, 11, born Pennsylvania(?)
Jerome Starrey, 9, born Pennsylvania(?)
Mary Starrey, 7, born Pennsylvania(?)
Lewis Starrey, 5, born Pennsylvania(?)
Harriet Starrey, 2, born Pennsylvania(?)

Rhode Island
Ward 2 (Providence County)
Julia Valentine, 48, born Rhode Island
Betsy Sterry, 83, born Rhode Island
James V Taylor, 7, born Rhode Island
Charles B Taylor, 4, born Rhode Island
Betsy Welch, 18, born Ireland
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Ward 2 (Providence County)
%%Eliza Sterry, 65, born Rhode Island (With Joseph Maman, 53, Physician and family)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

(Robertson County)
15th District ((M432_/894/146)
William Sterry, 28, born New York
Martha A Sterry, 21, born Tennessee
(Source: Ancestry.com: Federal Population Schedule)

District 3 (Obion County)
Thomas Minnis, 25, Farmer, born Tennessee
Jane Minnis, 18, born Tennessee
Mary Minnis, 17, born Tennessee
Caroline Minnis, 13, born Tennessee
Lucius Sterry, 35, No occupation, born Pennsylvania
(Source: Ancestry.com)

+++ = Starks, Maine, USA
%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line