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#Portland Place
Wasey Sterry, 7, not born county
Francis Sterry, 6, not born county (Thirty other children in residence there. A school perhaps? But not listed as pupils. There appears to be a governess and a clergyman, Peter Wynch, in charge.)

Fernhurst Green (HO107/1102/4 Fol 12)
James Sterey, 40, Carpenter, born county
Charlotte Sterey, 40, born county
James Sterey, 16, Carpenter, born county
Charlotte Sterey, 15, born county
George Sterey, 13, born county
Charles Sterey, 10, born county
Ann Sterey, 5, born county
Sarah Sterey, 3, born county
Thomas Sterey, 1, born county

High St (HO107/1120/5 fol 3)
#Anthony Sterry, 14, not born county (One of ten pupils. Benjamin Abbott was schoolmaster.)

+Home Cottage (part of Manor House) (HO107/1112/4 fol 4)
John Sterry, 41, M.S., not born county (Servant to John Barrer and family)
Catherine Sterry, 40, not born county
John Sterry, 4, born county
William Sterry, 2, born county

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line