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Bloomsbury St George
##High Holborn
Joseph Starie, 30, born Middlesex, Printer
Hester Starie, 30, born Middlesex
Joseph Starie, 1, born Middlesex
Kate Haverson, 25, born Middlesex, Indep

#All Hallows Barking
Merseny(?) Court (HO107/719/2)
Hy Sterry, 40, Merchant, born county
Jno Sterry, 35, Merchant, not born county
Chas Sterry, 30, Merchat, not born county
Mrs Jane Sterry, 65, born county
Miss Mary Sterry, 41, born county
H. Cooke, 55, F.S., not born county
Ed Hedges, 50, F.S., born county
E Mertley(?), 45, F.S., not born county

*Little Elf St (HO107/677/8)
Jno Sterry, 60, Carpenter, not born county (In same residence is a Cecilia Greenman, 3, not born county - should be 30? - Cecilia Greenman, 10 and Hellen Greenman, 7 both born in county.)

Mile End Old Town
Beaumont St (HO107/713/1)
%Elizabeth Sterry, 15, F.S., not born county

St Giles
King St
##John Starie, 30, Ironmonger, born Middlesex
Ann Hunter, 25, F.S. born Middlesex

St Martin in the Fields
Castle St Leicester Sq (HO107/740/4)
#Hester Sterry, 75, Ind., born county

St Pancras
*(no street listed) (HO107/686/13)
William Sterry, 29, Widow Blind Mak, not born county
Lucy Sterry, 25, not born county
Lucy Sterry, 6, born county
William Sterry, 4, born county
Alfred Sterry, 1, born county

Acton St (HO107/682/9)
Elizabeth Sterry, 80, Ind., not born county
Eliza Sterry, 40, not born county

St Sepulchre London
Boats Head Court (HO107/728/1)
Henry W Sterry, 25, Chyt(?) Asst, not born county

#High St (HO107/656/6)
Alfred Sterry, 15, Ind., not born county (living with William F. Dereck Smith, 45, Banker and wife Ann)

#High St (HO107/656/6)
Mary Sterry, 55, Ind., born county


# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
*   = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
% = Bemondsey, Surrey, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire [Starie/Starey] line