Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alfred Sterry Houghton
about 1822195Suffolk, England0
Alfred Sterry Houghton
July 1860157Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Alice Houghton
about 1856161Southwark, London, England0
Ann Stove Houghton
about 1854163St Etheldreda, Norwich, Norfolk, England0
Charles Sterry Houghton
about 1849168Liverpool, Lancashire, England0September 15, 189512146Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Charles Sterry Houghton
about 1819198St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England9January 2, 188912870Bendigo, Victoria, AustraliaAugust 10, 2016 - 6:31:00 a.m.
Charles William Houghton
about 1875142Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Ellen Houghton
about 1862155Norwich, Norfolk, England0
George Sterry Houghton
about 1820197St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England018211961St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Hannah Houghton
about 17762410
Harry Houghton
about 1865152Norwich, Norfolk, England0
Henry Houghton
Henry Houghton
about 17712462
Henry Houghton
about 1824193St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Henry James Houghton
October 2, 1808208St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Henry Sterry Houghton
January 1863154Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Hubert Houghton
about 1858159Norwich, Norfolk, England0
James Houghton
April 10, 1810207St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
James Philip Houghton
about 1810207St Marys in the Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk, England0
John Houghton
about 17732440
John Houghton
about 1817200St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Kate Houghton
about 1860157Norwich, Norfolk, England0
Margaret Houghton
about 1870147Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Margaret Houghton
about 1847170St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England0
Mary Houghton
about 17842330
Mary Ann Houghton
January 2, 1856161Clifton Hill East, Victoria, Australia0191710060Kew, Victoria, Australia
Matilda Houghton
about 1812205St Marys in the Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk, England0before 18152023
Matilda Houghton
about 1815202St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England1
Matilda Houghton
1861156Long Gully, Victoria, Australia018611560Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Matilda Houghton
July 1868149Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Naomi Elizabeth Houghton
about 17912260
Philip Houghton
about 1781236St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England12December 13, 185715976Row St, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Phillip Houghton
about 1877140Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Phillip Houghton
about 1844173Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Phillip Sterry Houghton
April 1865152Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Richard Houghton
about 17892280
Richard Houghton
October 1856160Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Robert Houghton
1863154Bendigo, Victoria, Australia0
Robert Smitor Houghton
about 1851166St Etheldreda, Norwich, Norfolk, England0
Robert Sterry Houghton
before 18471700January 30, 18471700St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Robert Sterry Houghton
about 1817200St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England8January 187913862Registration District, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Sarah Ann Houghton
about 1845172Liverpool, Lancashire, England0
Sarah Jane Houghton
1857160Bendigo, Victoria, Australia0December 10, 19219564Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Sarah Sterry Houghton
about 1815202Whitington, Norfolk, England0
Thomas Houghton
December 13, 1810206St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
Thomas Houghton
about 17792380
Thomas Houghton
about 1850167England0
Thomas Sterry Houghton
about 1828189Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England5
William Houghton
about 1873144Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England0
William Brown Houghton
about 17832340
William Henry Houghton
1859158Long Gully, Victoria, Australia0December 24, 188113522Kerang, Victoria, Australia
William Sterry Houghton
about 1813204St Julians, Norwich, Norfolk, England3
William Sterry Houghton
about 1842175Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England4before 188113639
William Stove Houghton
about 1852165St Etheldreda, Norwich, Norfolk, England0