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*Buffles Farm (RG10/1796/22)
David Sterry, Head, 29, Farm Bailiff, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Julia Sterry, Wife, 23, Farm Bailiff's Wife, born Combs Suffolk
Agnas Sterry, Daught, 3, born Gislingham Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Daught, 11 mo, born Burgate Suffolk
Jauel(?) Fiuter(?), Servant, unm, 11, General Servant, born Combs Suffolk

**4 Market Place (RG10/1713/57)
John Love Sterry, Serv, unm, 25, Assistant in Grocery, born Lowesoft Suffolk
(Head: George Goody, Grocer Draper and Landowner employing 5 men)

*Main St (RG10/1742/125)
Eliza Sterry, Servt, unm, 20, Cook Domestic, born Rickinghall Suffolk
(With James King and family, Draper &c employing 4 men, 4 boys and 1 female assistant)

*Poplar Hall (RG10/1742/94)
John Sterry, Head, 59, Farm Bailiff, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Maria Sterry, Wife, 50, Bailiff's Wife, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, unm, 30, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Martha Sterry, Daur, unm, 16, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Mary Ann Sterry, Daur, 13, born Debenham Suffolk

*Cottage (RG10/1758/140)
Philip B Sterry, Head, 29, Farm Bailiff, born Rickenhall Suffolk
Caroline Sterry, Wife, 30, Bailiff's Wife, born Debenham Suffolk
Margaret M Sterry, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Crowfield Suffolk
Alice A Sterry, Daur, 5, born Crowfield Suffolk
Edward E Sterry, Son, 3, born Crowfield Suffolk
Editha C Sterry, Daur, 11mo, born Debenham Suffolk

*Botesdale Road (RG10/1796/34)
Robert Sterry, Head, 34, Farm Steward, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Emily Sterry, Wife, 34, born Botesdale Suffolk
David Sterry, Son, 11, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Frederick Sterry, Son, 6, Scholar, born Gislingham Suffolk
Alice E Sterry, Daur, 4, born Gislingham Suffolk
Henry Sterry, Son, 2, born Gislingham

++Swan St (HO10/1722/64)
Robert Sterry, Head, 56, Bricklayer, born Southwold Suffolk
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 50, born Groton Suffolk
Robert Sterry, Son, unm, 25, Bricklayer, born Groton Suffolk
Kate Sterry, Daur, unm, 27, Laundress, born Groton Suffolk

^Foxhall Road (Blooming Fuchia)(RG10/1755/36)
George Samuel Sterry, Head, 29, Shipwright, born Ipswich Suffolk
Sarah Ann Sterry, Wife, 25, Shipwright Wife, born Ipswich Suffolk
George A Sterry, Son, born Ipswich Suffolk
George Sterry, Farther(sic), Widr, 69, Shipwright Father, born Ipswich Suffolk

^Alan Road (Clove Cottage) (RG10/1753/52)
Robert Cook Sterry, Head, 47, Shipwright, born Ipswich Suffolk
Mary Ann C Sterry, Wife, 47, born Ipswich Suffolk
Thomas C Sterry, Son, unm, 17, Grocer's Shop(Assistant), born Ipswich Suffolk
Sarah Ann Sterry, Daur, unm, 15, Apprentice Fancy Repository, born Ipswich Suffolk
Robert C Sterry, Son, 9, Scholar, born Ipswich Suffolk
Emily Pudney, Visitor, unm, 23, Domestic Servant, born Coggleshall Essex

++35 New Nelson Street (RG10/1779/98)
Ann Sterry, Head, Mar, 28, born Pakefield Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, 3, born Lowestoft Suffolk

++11 Prospect Place (RG10/1780/70)
Timothy Sterry, Head, 44, Twine Spinner, born Lowestoft
Ann Sterry, Wife, 41, Oulton Suffolk
John Hewitt, Boarder, unm, 23, Cabinet Maker, born Carston Norfolk

++16 Chapel Lane (RG10/1779/38)
Alfred Sterry, Lodger, mar, 21, Mariner Able Seaman, born Beccles Suffolk
Mary Oliza Sterry, Wife, 23, born Stoke Ferry Norfolk
(With Jane Keeble, Widow and family)

++24 New Nelson Street (RG10/1779/100)
Jane Sterry, Head, Mar, 34, born Barnby Suffolk
William Sterry, Son, 15, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Thomas Sterry, Son, 6, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Albert Sterry, Son, 2, born Lowestoft Suffolk

++22 New Nelson Street (RG10/1779/100)
James Sterry, Head, 67, Master Mariner, born Southwold Suffolk
Mary A Sterry, Wife, 65, born Southwold Suffolk
Edward Sterry, Son, unm, 25, Master Mariner, born Beccles Suffolk
James Sterry, Grandson, 8, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**1 Strand Cottages Beer House & Brewery (RG10/1779/107)
Robert Sterry, Head, Wid, 63,Common Brewer, born Southwold Suffolk
Louisa W Sterry, Dau, 33, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Emma M Sterry, Dau, 32, born Lowestoft Suiffolk
Samuel W Sterry. Son. 21, Grocers Shopman, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Anne Ward, Sister In Law, Unm, 73, Housekeeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk

++115 Chapel Lane (RG10/1779/55)
Alice Sterry, Wife, Mar, 35, Mariners Wife, born Pakefield Suffolk
Thomas Sterry, Son, 4, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary A Sterry, Dau, 3, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Alice Sterry, Dau, 1, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**83 Denmark Road (RG10/1779/97)
John S Sterry, Head, 36, Coal Merchant, born Lowestoft Sfk
Ellen C Sterry, Wife, 32, Lowestoft Suffolk
Lorina Sterry, Dau, 10, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Ellen E Sterry, Dau, 8, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
William A Sterry, Son 5, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Herbert S Sterry, Son, 2, Lowestoft Suffolk
Josephine Knights, Servant, 16, Dom Servant, born Carlton Colville Suffolk

++6 Sparhams Colp(?) (RG10/1780/66)
James Sterry, Head , 46, Twine Spinner, born Southwold Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 48, born Lowestoft Suffolk
William Sterry, Son, unm, 19, Shipwrights Apprentice, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Frederick Sterry, Son, unm, 17, Printers Apprentice, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Charles Sterry, Son, unm, 14, Twine Spinner, born Lowestoft Suffolk
George Sterry, Son, 12, Scholar, born Lowesotft Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, 10, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary Ann Sterry, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Emily Sterry, Daur, 3, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**110 High St (RG10/1780/86)
James Sterry, Head, 68, Retired Fish Merchant, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Rosabel C Sterry, Daur, unm, 28, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Susan Bowler, Servant, unm, 16, Domestic Servant, born Corton Suffolk

**38 London Road South (RG10/1779/13)
Martha Sterry, Head, Wid, 60, Annuitant, born Oulton Suffolk
Emma Leech, Serv, unm, 20, Domestic Servant, Gisleham Suffolk

++House of Industry (RG10/1780/133-134)
Sarah A Sterry, Pauper Inmate, W, 35, Beetster, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Susan Sterry, Pauper Inmate, 10, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
John Sterry, Pauper Inmate, 9, Scholar, born Lowestoft
Alice Sterry, Pauper Inmate, 8, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Rosanna Sterry, Pauper Inmate, 6, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk

Rickinghall Inferior
*West Hall Wood (RG10/1731/108)
2 Keeper's House
Elizb Sterry, Wife, mar, 56, Poultry Woman, born Walsham Suffolk
Mary Golson, Mother, Widow, 82, in receipt of Parish relief, born Walsham Suffolk
Philip Kerry, Visitor(grandson), 5, born Wattisfield Suffolk
John Denis Kerry, Visitor(grandson), 1, born Rickinghall Inf.

Rickinghall Superior
Robert Sterry, Head, 63, (no occupation), born Rickinghall Superior Suffolk
Lidia Sterry, Wife, 53, born Rickinghall Superior Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, unm, 14, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk
Lidia Sterry, Daur, 11, Scholar, born Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk

^^^Sibton Park Lodge (RG10/1770/65)
Nathaniel Sterry, Head, Widr, 42, Gardener, born Sibton Suffolk
George Sterry, Son, unm, 16, Carpenter, born Sibton Suffolk
Maria Sterry, Sister, unm, 37, Dressmaker, born Sibton Suffolk

++East Cliff (RG10/1771/133)
William Sterry, Head, Widr, 70, Carpenter, Southwold Suffolk

Vessel 'Rainbows'
Samuel Sterry, mar, 27, Mariner, born Beccles Suffolk

^^^Hog Hill Farm (RG10/1768/20)
John Sterry, Head, 40, Ag Lab, born Sibton Suffolk
Mary Ann Sterry, Wife, 27, born Westleton Suffolk
Alice N Sterry, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Bulcamp Suffolk
Maria Sterry, Daur, 4, Scholar, born Yoxford Suffolk
Anathea Sterry, Daur, 2, born Yoxford Suffolk

^^^The Orphanage (RG10/1768/21)
Frances Sterry, Serv, W, 54, General Sick Nurse, Soham Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, 1, born Yoxford Suffolk
(Eliza Lines, Head, Matron of Orphanage)

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
++ = Southwold, Suffolk, UK
^ = Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
^^^ = Pakefield, Suffolk, UK